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Psychology Lab & Testing Services: - 

Attached to the college is well equipped a psychology laboratory for measurement and guidance, The student teachers have the benefit to receive training in testing and guidance. All the written and practical examination. In the psychological lab would conduct in the presence and guidance of the concerned teacher and psychological lab Assistant. 

Library: - 

The College has a separate library block, which has a collection of over 9338 books, 256 Biographical, 12 Magazines, 08 Journas, 9 Newspapers, 1 Emp. Newspaper. There is an open shelf system-giving students immediately access to any book. A set of textbooks covering the course is provided to each student. 

Educational Technology Department /A.V. Department: - 

This department provides necessary teaching aids to the candidates under training for the purpose of Demonstration and Practice Teaching in schools. 

Training of Computer Application: - The course of "Training of computer Application " compulsory. Training of computer application has been made compulsory for all the B.Ed. students by the state.

Science Lab: - 

There is a science lab in the institute The Lab is reasonably equipped. Students can work in the Lab during their practice teaching nothing would be given from the science lab. 

Demonstration and Practicing Schools: - The students of teachers College have easy access to schools for practice and demonstration in teaching. Facilities of other local schools are also utilized for teaching practice. 

Games & Sports: - The College has a proper ground for the students to play Basket Ball, Kabaddi , and indoor games include Table Tennis ,Carom. 

Medium: - The medium of written mid term as well as external exam can either Hindi or English. Books are available in both mediums. 


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